Algonquin, Ill., Aug. 1, 2015 – Dr. John T. McSpadden, DDS, developed the Zone Technique to maximize efficiency and minimize risks during endodontic procedures, and the new ONE ENDO File is helping clinicians perfect the technique.

McSpadden not only developed the Zone Technique; he also created the newly launched ONE ENDO File, which offers the best all-around performance of any similarly sized file.* When paired with the torsionally resistant ONE ENDO File, the Zone Technique can greatly reduce the risk of instrument fracture.

According the McSpadden, the two most frequent causes of file breakage are caused by using files with diameters too large for canal curvatures and engaging too much of the file’s working surface. The ONE ENDO File is designed to reduce these potential stresses and minimize these events.

Dividing the canal into two zones can simplify and expedite canal preparation, with each zone having a different technique approach.

The first step is to determine if there is a curvature and how far the curvature is from the apex. The second step is to determine the distance each file can safely be advanced around the curvatures and which size file will need to be used to prevent any subsequent file from binding.

The ONE ENDO File itself is designed to navigate challenging canals without screwing in or pushing debris in advance of the cutting tip or through the apical foramen. Its flexible tip easily manages torsion, quickly pulls away debris and nearly eliminates the tendency to bind in the canal.

When used in combination with the ONE ENDO File, the Zone Technique offers an easy and informative guide to minimize the risk of instrument fracture.

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