Nano Gutta Percha Points

$22.15 / ea
Gutta Percha
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New Nano GP Points are nano formulated for true warm Gutta Percha 3-D obturation. Precision machine made GP Cones to match various ISO Taper Rotary NiTi File Systems. 

Nano GP is more dense, undergoes less volumetric change, and is effective and lower working temperatures. These characteristics reduce Gutta Percha molecule crystalline phase change. Thus, reducing material shrinkage during clinical heating / cooling cycle. Traditional Gutta Percha cones are hand rolled, allowing variances in dimensions.

All Nano GP cones are precision machine made with the tightest taper at the apical 0 to 3mm region. This design makes matching NiTi rotary files with much better tolerances and gives a more accurate “tug back” sensation and the flat tip end will form a tighter apical seal to form a better apical plug with warm gutta percha techniques.

Nano GP Cones are ISO Sized and Tapered and color coded for convenient identification and matching to your current 04 or 06 rotary NiTi File System. Each package contains 60 Nano GP Points in 5 compartments. Assorted packages are also available.